What the Press is saying about Artaria...

“Artaria Quartet is likely to give eloquent voice to whatever work it tackles.”
— Rob Hubbard, Pioneer Press


“The precision of execution was striking.  [It] gave the excellent Artaria String Quartet a chance to do some beautifully keen, precise, self-possessed playing.  Artaria's Bartok Fifth was sure, eager, and understanding.” — Richard Buell, Boston Globe

“The Artaria impressed as a technically accomplished and stylistically adaptable group.  Their Haydn was full and robust.  They functioned as a smooth, well-integrated ensemble and were excellent in sound and technical capacity. 
The four young players are already started on a career that could take them far.”
— Robert Finn, Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Nationally acclaimed, Artaria performed with exquisite refinement. 
Their technical skills cannot be overstated.” — Carol Winfield, Newport Express

“There was not so much as a sigh throughout Wolfe Recital Hall. 
It’s the sort of moment chamber music audiences live for.”
— Ron George, Corpus Christi Caller-Times

“Thoughtful and exacting...ultimately convincing.” — Wetzlar News, Germany

“The sound of the quartet is warm and rich, the phrasings
distinctive and expressive, and there is that 'speaking' quality in their playing
which is so indispensable for a truly fine performance.  They are ready to claim their place among the best of the many excellent quartets of our day.”
— Eugene Lehner, Kolisch Quartet

  The Artaria String Quartet communicated
with superb skill, warmth and energy.  Their sound was intimate and
compelling, pure and elegant...a luxurious catch.”
— Terry Rindfleisch, La Crosse Tribune

“They are musically outstanding.  I recommend them very highly.”
— Alexander Schneider, Budapest Quartet


"What a stunning performance,

quieting me to appreciation for such music

and such glorious talent"
— Audience Member



Pioneer Press Review 1-3-13