CMA Residency UPDATE

Artaria String Quartet recently completed its CMA Residency in Grand Rapids, Minnesota (yes, birthplace of Judy Garland). Grand Rapids is indeed a wonderful place, and the people there were truly Minnesota nice. The residency took place in January and March. Its purpose was to draw interest and excitement to chamber music and demonstrate the collaborative spirit by partnering with local music teachers and performers.


Working with excellent and very helpful string teachers (many new to their positions), Artaria taught most of the young string players in town giving chamber music classes and informances at all of the elementary schools and middle schools in Grand Rapids. The experience was magical. The enthusiasm from the children was infectious and the questions they asked were thoughtful and always probing, musically and personally. They were extraordinarily polite, bright, and eager to learn from us. But they also wanted to know all about us and our musical story. We shared with them our passion for the great chamber music we were playing for them and explained to them that the path to truth and excellence was through dedication, accountability, and passion. Translation: practice, practice, practice.


In addition to the teaching and school informances, Artaria enjoyed diverse performances in Grand Rapids. From our jam sessions with Jazz guitarist Sam Miltich and his father Matt on Bass fiddle at the local VFW, our packed YMCA concert that featured a background pool game as accompaniment, to our impromptu house concert with pianist Mary Ellen Haupert (also Grand Rapids born and now living in La Crosse, Wisconsin) where we hatched the idea of a future summer residency in the area.


The residency capstone event held special meaning to Artaria as we invited the seven high school groups we had coached during the residency to perform at our final concert at the local college. We invited pianist Mary Ellen Haupert to join us in a movement of the Elgar Piano Quintet at the event.


Check the ASQ calendar for dates, times, and locations for all events.





Program I - “Music of the Great War”

Music by Bartok & Elgar
Béla Bartók Quartet No.2
Elgar Piano Quintet

Sep. 20, 2015 Wayzata Community Church 3pm

Oct. 04, 2015 *Sundin Music Hall 3pm

*Season Tickets = $60

*Individual Tickets = $17

Program I Notes
by Lucy Miller

Program II - “Politically Incorrect”

Music by Shostakovich & Weinberg
Mieczyslaw Weinberg Quartet No.4 Op.20
Dmitri Shostakovich Quartet No.3 Op.73

Nov.15, 2015 Sundin Music Hall 3pm

Nov.29, 2015 Wayzata Community Church 3pm Program II Notes by Lucy Miller

"I was a very young child during World War Two, only 5 years old when the war ended.  I didn't understand much about the war at the time but I was sensitive to the emotions, concerns and sorrows of the adults around me. The Weinberg string quartet that you played tonight accurately captured the feelings that I sensed at that time and I was back in the early 40's again. It was thrilling.  Thank you so much." ~ Audience member

Program III - “It's Revolutionary”

Music by Beethoven & Stravinsky & Glass 

Philip Glass: Quartet No.2 "Company"
Igor Stravinsky: Trois Pieces
L. van Beethoven: Quartet in F major, Op.59/1

Feb. 21, 2016 Wayzata Community Church 3pm. No tickets needed - Donations at door.
Feb. 28, 2016 Sundin Music Hall 3pm.
$17 general admission - Students free

Program III Notes by Lucy Miller

Program IV - “Conscientious Objections”

Music by Mozart & Britten
Wolfgang Mozart: Quartet in G major, K.387
Benjamin Britten: String Quartet No.2

May 8, 2016 Wayzata Community Church 3pm

May 15, 2016 Sundin Music Hall 3pm

Program IV Notes by Lucy Miller



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"What a stunning performance, quieting me to appreciation for such music and such glorious talent" - Note sent from audience member
“The precision of execution was striking. It gave the excellent Artaria String Quartet a chance to do some beautifully keen, precise, self-possessed playing. Artaria's Bartok Fifth was sure, eager, and understanding.” — Richard Buell, Boston Globe
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