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Artaria wrapped up its early Fall performances with a wonderful concert at the Schubert Club's Courtroom Concerts. The audience welcomed us warmly and responded enthusiastically to our program of Pleyel and Mozart quartets. We were encouraged to leave them with an encore and proceeded to serve up a Haydn movement from his Op.33/5 quartet. The scherzo from this work is a real bon-bon of rhythmic fun!

We are now on to our Program II repertoire where we explore the music of the 1890’s, or the fin de siècle era. The Schoenberg quartet in D form 1897 opens the concerts and we will close with Carl Nielsen’s quartet in f minor.


“Every century has its ending, but the close of the 19th century, particularly in Vienna, was so unique in both its turmoil and its glorious achievements that it has taken on the singular title of “Fin de Siècle.” The great cast of musical characters of the period includes Gustav Mahler and his notorious wife Alma, Anton Webern, Alexander von Zemlinsky, Alban Berg, and Arnold Schoenberg who gave birth to the Second Viennese School with his twelve-tone system. In France, Debussy and Ravel led new directions in musical Impressionism. In the visual arts, it was Klimt, Kokoschka, Schiele, and architect Walter Gropius, founder of the Bauhaus. In literature we might mention Franz Werfel, Oscar Wilde, and Arthur Rimbaud. From this extensive list of influences we should not omit Sigmund Freud who developed his theory of the unconscious during the period. Nor should we forget the development of Keynesian economics or, most importantly, the roots of World War I.  Basic to all of the conflicts—and accomplishments—of the period was a split between the traditional and the new. We will sense much of this in the works selected for this program. “  


Notes by Lucy Miller Murray ©2014



Program I - “Homage to Haydn”
Music from 1780-1790
Joseph Haydn Quartet in G major, Op.33/5
Ignaz Pleyel Quartet in g-minor, B.309
Wolfgang Mozart Quartet in C major, K.465 “Dissonance”
Sep. 21, 2014 Sundin Music Hall 3pm
Sep. 28, 2014 Wayzata Community Church 3pm

Program II - “Fin de Siècle”
Music from 1890-1900
Arnold Schoenberg Quartet in D major
Giacomo Puccini “Crisantemi”
Carl Nielsen Quartet in f-minor, Op.5
Nov. 23, 2014 Sundin Music Hall 3pm
Nov.30, 2014 Wayzata Community Church 3pm

Program III - “Music During Wartime”
Music from 1940-1950 
William Alwyn “Winter Poems"
Quincy Porter Quartet No.6
William Walton Quartet in a-minor
Feb. 22, 2015 Wayzata Community Church 3pm
March 1, 2015 Sundin Music Hall 3pm

Program IV - “Reveling In Romanticism”
Music from 1880-1890
Richard Strauss Quartet in A major, Op.2
Antonín Dvořák Quartet in Eb, Op.51
May 10, 2015 Sundin Music Hall 3pm
May 17, 2015 Wayzata Community Church



The Artaria Chamber Music School is off to a great start. We have 11 ensembles in the coaching program this Fall and have welcomed many new families to the school.


On Saturday, October 25 at 4:30pm we will present a guest Masterclass. The Miami String Quartet is returning to work with our young artists. Five outstanding string quartets from the Artaria Chamber Music School have been chosen to demonstrate works from the Classical period for the MSQ, who will offer important musical, technical, and stylistic advice to all who attend. This event is free and open to the public.




ACMS Fall Concert set

The ACMS Fall Concert which features music composed in the "classical" era will take place on Friday November 7, 2014 (7pm) at the Episcopal Church of St. John the Evangelist, located at 60 Kent Street at Portland in St. Paul. All ACMS ensembles will participate. FREE


Artaria Records Videos

Artaria recorded a set of educational videos for the Quartetville blog. This project is part of a national educational opportunity to get more students involved with chamber music and specifically stirng quartets. Our colleagues in the Miro, Chiara, Parker and Brooklyn Rider have also been part of this valuable project.


Artaria's latest Cd - music by Mozart & Shostakovich


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The Artaria String Quartet has been learning, playing, teaching, and living in the chamber music world since 1986. We are passionate about string quartets and all the important thoughts and ideas that composers have imbedded in these 4-part scores. Click this link to find out more about us!

"What a stunning performance, quieting me to appreciation for such music and such glorious talent" - Note sent from audience member
“The precision of execution was striking. It gave the excellent Artaria String Quartet a chance to do some beautifully keen, precise, self-possessed playing. Artaria's Bartok Fifth was sure, eager, and understanding.” — Richard Buell, Boston Globe
“Nationally acclaimed, Artaria performed with exquisite refinement. Their technical skills cannot be overstated.” — Carol Winfield, Newport Express
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